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  1. Silence Edit Page Content. For the Duration, no sound can be created within or pass through a foot-radius Sphere centered on a point you choose within range. Any creature or object entirely inside the Sphere is immune to thunder damage, and creatures are Deafened while entirely inside it.
  2. Aug 03,  · Judge Salas breaks silence in heartbreaking video tribute after son's shooting death "This monster knew where I lived and what church we attended," said Salas.
  3. "Silence" (feat. Khalid) Yeah, I'd rather be a lover than a fighter 'Cause all my life, I've been fighting Never felt a feeling of comfort All this time, I've been hiding And I never had someone to call my own, oh nah I'm so used to sharing Love only left me alone But I'm at one with the silence.
  4. 4 genetics: to block the genetic expression of RNA interference is a natural phenomenon. When a cell senses a double strand of RNA, it acts to silence any genes with the corresponding sequence of bases.
  5. 19 hours ago · "Easterbrook's silence and lies — a clear breach of the duty of candor — were calculated to induce the Company to separate him on terms much more .
  6. Synonyms for silence at tavecorsilypolrebomdertwidipop.coinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for silence.
  7. Aug 08,  · Golf is the one sport that demands silence but really only becomes interesting when it gets loud. Sunday at a major is an audible experience.
  8. a period without any sound; complete quiet: A loud crash of thunder broke the silence of the night. Silence reigned (= there was complete silence) in the church.

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